NECC Egg Rate Today – Egg Price in India February 26, 2024

NECC Egg Rate Today: National Egg Co-ordination Committee defines and suggests the daily and monthly egg rates across India. NECC suggested the egg price of all states on February 26, 2024 along with the average prices. Any person who is frequently checking the NECC Official website must be aware of Daily suggested and prevailing prices of Egg. According to the NECC, daily egg rates are only suggestive and not mandatory.

The daily egg rates are defined by NECC after evaluating the trade and industry of the egg market. The main aim of the organization is to keep updated the egg industry with the latest prices across all states and cities.

NECC Egg Rate Today – February 26, 2024

You can check the NECC egg rate today, the previous and current month on NECC’s official website. Egg mandi rate date-wise list mentioned below. The major source of boiler and egg rate on a daily basis is NECC. Thus you need to check the suggested egg prices and prevailing prices to be aware of the current market. 

NECC Egg Daily and Monthly Price

Egg prices are being updated by the National Egg Co-ordination Committee on a daily and monthly basis. The average daily updated egg price for a specific region is also discussed by the committee.

NECC Egg Rate Today (State-wise) – February 2024

Today NECC Egg rates are updated for each state. Any person looking for the daily Egg prices must ensure to check the NECC pricing list for all-region. Below we are providing the Egg rates of all states that are being updated on a daily basis.

Sr. No. State Last Updated
1 Andhra Pradesh February 2024
2 Arunachal Pradesh
3 Assam
4 Bihar
5 Chandigarh
6 Chhattisgarh
7 Dadra and Nagar Haveli
8 Daman and Diu
9 Delhi
10 Goa
11 Gujarat
12 Haryana | Barwala
13 Himachal Pradesh
14 Jammu and Kashmir
15 Jharkhand
16 Karnataka | Bangalore
17 Kerala
18 Ladakh
19 Lakshadweep
20 Madhya Pradesh
21 Maharashtra
22 Manipur
23 Meghalaya
24 Mizoram
25 Nagaland
26 Odisha
27 Puducherry
28 Punjab
29 Rajasthan
30 Sikkim
31 Tamil Nadu | Namakkal
32 Telangana
33 Tripura
34 Uttar Pradesh
35 Uttarakhand
36 West Bengal

Other Locations

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NECC Egg Rate FAQs

What is the egg rate today in India?

The egg rate in India is between ₹4 – ₹6 per quantity. This price is just the suggestive price totally depends on the industry and market.

Who decides egg rate?

NECC plays an important role in defining the egg rates on a daily basis across the country. Egg prices are made available publicly by NECC after evaluating the current market of the egg.

In which month egg prices are high?

As per the analysis of the previous trends, the egg prices are seen high during January, February, March, and April. Note: You are advised to see the daily trend of the Egg prices on the NECC website.

What is the price of a 1-carat egg?

The average price of the 1-carat egg is Rs. 160. The egg rate varies from state to state and is suggested by NECC.

What is the egg rate today in Delhi?

The egg rate today in Delhi is ₹ 4.85.

What is today’s egg rate in Bangalore?

Today egg rate in Bangalore is ₹ 5.25.

What is the price of an egg in Maharashtra?

Today egg rate in Maharashtra is ₹ 5.42.

What is egg daily and monthly price?

Egg daily and monthly price is updated by NECC. You can check the rate of both above in the article.

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